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Pretty with ink by bubblyghost2 Pretty with ink :iconbubblyghost2:bubblyghost2 0 0 Blue Hair, Short Hair by bubblyghost2 Blue Hair, Short Hair :iconbubblyghost2:bubblyghost2 3 2 After party trobles by bubblyghost2 After party trobles :iconbubblyghost2:bubblyghost2 2 0 Falling ft. Markiplier by bubblyghost2 Falling ft. Markiplier :iconbubblyghost2:bubblyghost2 1 0


Warmth: sick!Darkiplier x reader
              The last thing you had expected on a Saturday night at 1:30 in the morning was a visit from Darkiplier. He had shown up on your doorstep, wobbling slightly as if he were about to pass out at any moment. You frowned and furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, "Dark?", The entity opened his mouth to speak, suddenly lurching forward. Startled, you reached out to steady him, "(y/n)....", He groaned. You placed his arm around your shoulders and carried him inside your home. 
               Closing the door behind you, you headed to the living room and placed him gently on your couch, brushing his fringe out of his face. You winced as your fingers made contact with his forehead, "Dark, your freezing.", He whined miserably, pushing his head into your fingers, finding your warmth to be soothing. You frowned, "Stay here, I'm going to get a rag and some warm water.", You said
:iconanimebossmeh12:animebossmeh12 67 3
The Nightmare [Darkiplier x Reader] Chapter 9
You try as hard as you can to get some rest. But insomnia prevails. You sit up in bed and let out a sigh. Maybe getting something to drink would help. You carefully make your way downstairs. Very few candles light your way. To mimic the day, several candles are lit around the house. You suppose when they feel it’s nighttime, they blow out the candles. You feel your way to the kitchen. A dimmer is set on the wall. You light it just enough so you can make out the cabinets. You grab a glass and your favorite drink when you have too much on your mind.
Pulling a bar stool away from the kitchen island, you sit down. Staring in the drink, the liquid reveals a worried face. Your face. ‘How am I supposed to choose?’ you think. ‘Or do I even want to choose?’ You get lost in thought. Your thoughts are interrupted by loud purring. You jump but calm down quickly.
“Bob, I can hear you purr,” you stated.
“Damn. Just when I thought I had it under control
:iconnyteshademoonlight:NyteshadeMoonlight 19 2
Lost Confessions (Darkiplier X Reader)
    You were over at Mark's house for the day to hang out. Honestly it didn't matter as long as you were relaxing. It would have been just another day but Darkiplier had appeared recently and had been staying with him. They acted almost like two siblings when they fought. Mark didn't like the fact that Darkiplier had tried to take over the channel or that he was there at all. He usually kept to himself but you tried to strike up a few light conversations. There was one time you were drunk but you don't remember much of that night...He was attractive of course. Like Mark but there was something different.
    Busting out the old SNES you popped in Zombies ate my Neighbors to see how far you and Mark could get.
    "I call the guy! I love his 3d glasses." You laughed and pressed select leaving Mark with the girl.
    "Yeah? Well...Jokes on you! I wanted to be the girl!" He made his usual frowny face when he was joking about being upse
:iconaltsea:Altsea 32 3
The Nightmare [Darkiplier x Reader] Chapter 7
You awoke peacefully. You groggily sat up. There was something off. It was still rather dark outside. Just a grey color with the purple fog being back. You just assume it’s always dark.
At the foot of your bed, you notice your clothes folded and cleaned. After changing into them, you make your way downstairs for breakfast. You decide to have a simple bowl of cereal. Something to tide you over after just waking up. As you eat, you wonder where the others are. Are they sleeping? Do they even sleep? You thought with being awake, Darkiplier would’ve sensed it and found you already. Maybe he’s stuck in his coffin? You chuckle to yourself, picturing a cartoonish Dark being stuck in a coffin with a big rock on it.
You wash your dishes and place them on the rack to dry. ‘I guess I should search for someone,’ you thought to yourself. You ascend the stairs. One by one, you check each room on the second floor. Nobody. Not even a sign that someone had been in them. Pa
:iconnyteshademoonlight:NyteshadeMoonlight 43 7
The Nightmare [Darkiplier x Reader] Chapter 8
Dark was cleaning the house. He sped around at an incredible speed. It was an easy clean up with wooden flooring. You still felt the kiss lingering on your lips. You touch your lips, smiling to yourself. Dark opened the front door. He beckoned you to follow him. The floor was spotless you noted, passing through the entrance.
You both head upstairs to your room. Dark sits on your bed and pats the comforter. You follow and sit beside him.
“Do you know why I want to mark you?”
You think for a moment.
“You would be protected. I’ll know where you are, if you’re in trouble, and most
important, monsters won’t touch you. Especially the imposter.”
‘A simple bite could do all that?’ you thought.
“Even though I’d love to make you mine as soon as possible…I’ll let you choose when you are ready.” Dark stated.
You were surprised. He is trying to be nice. You smiled wide and giggled.
“What?” he asked.
:iconnyteshademoonlight:NyteshadeMoonlight 45 26
The Nightmare [Darkiplier x Reader] Chapter 6
You walked out of the portal into an incredulous market of monsters and nightmares. There were tiny Imps with pitchforks, Bogeymen, and a few horror movie icons. Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers were having a stare down over a fresh corpse while Freddy shook his head disapprovingly. Ogres and Orcs waddled past, pushing smaller demons out of their way. A horrid stench assaulted your nostrils making you retch. You were far away from the market but the smell surrounded you. It was the landscape mixed with the monsters. Wade, Matthias, Bob, and Jack popped out of the portal.
Jack saw you were uncomfortable. He placed a hand on your shoulder, and with the other hand, wispy light began to form. He lifted his hand gently to your nose. The light filled in your nose. It smells of fresh lilac and vanilla. You couldn’t smell anything else besides that.
“This should help you, lass. We’ll only be here for a moment,” Jack smiled. “I’ll have to put a glamour spell
:iconnyteshademoonlight:NyteshadeMoonlight 56 19
The Nightmare [Darkiplier x Reader] Chapter 5
The fog dissipated. You walked up to a gorgeous two-story Victorian home. It was made out of dark bricks, and dark shingles. There was a dark mahogany archway with steps leading up to it. Mahogany columns held up the awning over the porch. This seemed more like a summer mansion!
“Just giving fair warning, this place hasn’t been used in years,” Darkiplier said, unlocking the door.
A billow of dust shot out and into your faces. You coughed, waving the dust away. You entered the house. As your eyes adjusted, you were able to make out the foyer. There was a room to the left. You squint your eyes. You could see a piano and bench, some decorative dead plants. You guessed this was the drawing room. There was a fireplace and table with a few chairs. Paintings were covered with white sheets.
“I’m guessing there’s no electricity here, huh?” you asked.
“There’s no lights, if that’s what you’re asking. But there is electricity. I li
:iconnyteshademoonlight:NyteshadeMoonlight 55 25
The Nightmare [Darkiplier x Reader] Chapter 4
You hugged Sam close, shrinking into a stalagmite. You could cut the tension with a knife. It was palpable. Jack and Darkiplier just stood there, glaring at one another.
“I don’t even know why you’re challenging me. You can’t win,” Darkiplier stated.
“I have a few tricks up my sleeve. You’ll be surprised,” Jack countered.
“Jack! That’s not-” you tried to say. Your voice suddenly left! You looked at Dark. He had his finger over his mouth, winking at you. He put his finger down and you had your voice back. His power was growing back! Do energy bars really help for magical energies?
Jack grit his teeth. “Sam!” He yelled, extending his arm with his hand open.
Sam looked at Jack, jumping from your arms in the air. He glowed bright green, changing his form! He thinned out. When he was done transforming, Jack held a green and black Celtic dagger! You were amazed Sam could be so versatile!
Jack sprint to Darkiplier i
:iconnyteshademoonlight:NyteshadeMoonlight 66 22
Bye Bye (Darkiplier x Reader) Chapter 3 [FINAL]
“Really though, you brought this on yourself~”
His thumb dragged across your bottom lip.
“I asked you if you were sure. You told me 'yes'...”
You shuddered as he pressed down and forced your lips to part a little.
“In letters. Yet now I suppose you want to go back on your word?”
It felt like it had been your whole life that you had desired to be this close to your favourite YouTuber. But now you wanted nothing more than to escape him completely. This was all so twisted, so utterly fucked up. All this time you had just naively assumed that 'Darkiplier' was nothing but a character. An amusing little creation that Markiplier liked to pull out of the bag when he was feeling mischievous. Fuel for creepypasta and fangirl dreams.
But no. It was way too real. His freezing touch told you that much.
You could wish and wish this was a dream, but it wouldn't make it the case.
Suddenly, Dark pulled away from you. You immediately sank t
:iconvanillametal:VanillaMetal 21 7
Darkiplier x Reader I just wanted to be with you
You ran as hard as you could. From what? The same nightmare that's been haunting you for the past few weeks.
    "I been having strange dreams lately..."
    That voice. It was that voice that has been following you everywhere you go, making you look and sound crazy in the public's eye.
    You noticed a wooden cottage in front of you. You knew something bad was going to happen, but that small building was the only thing that helps you wake up from your nightmare.
    You ran towards it, closing the door behind you and slumping down to the ground.
    You closed your eyes, tears threatening to fall, as you heard his final words,
    "Enjoy your stay."
Your eyes shot open and you sat up, feeling your body. You were back into your old self. You were sweating bullets and your breathing was abnormal. You looked around.
    You were back in your bedroom, your little brother sleeping
:iconhetaliadarki:HetaliaDarki 23 5
Something's Wrong (Darkiplier X Reader)
This story is set after the events of "Who Killed Markiplier?" so if you haven't seen those videos yet, please don't read this as spoilers lie ahead. Thank You.
Something has been off for several days now.
I would know. I know everything about him. I know him and his personality better than anyone in the entire building. It’s both my job and my duty as his closest friend.
‘Mr. Mayor’ got back from his trip to visit a friend a few days ago, and ever since the second day he’s been back, he’s been acting stranger than normal.
Damien always liked to smile whenever I’d enter his office. Whenever I’d ask him why he smiles so much, he always would say, “The best kinds of people are those that smile no matter what’s happening around them” however, he hasn’t smiled at me at all since the day he left.
That million dollar smile that made my heart fall into my stomach.
I’ll see ‘Mr. Mayor’ smirking ou
:iconhopelessly-dreaming:Hopelessly-Dreaming 60 10
Chocolate Ice Cream|Darkiplier x Reader
"Oops...looks like you made the wrong choice."
Blinking slowly, you glanced up, your spoonful of chocolate ice cream only halfway towards your mouth. A distinct ringing cut off the pleasant sounds of tweeting birds and rustling trees, much to your annoyance.
Although you nearly dropped the spoon when you realized that, instead of Mark, it was that monochrome lookalike with red and cyan colors outlining his body, as though he was 3-D.
You simply stared at him, watching as he cracked his neck and little glitches began to appear around his form, before he looked back at you with a smile.
"But now we're going to be together....forever.." His creepy smile only widened as half of his face became darkened by the shadows, adding an eerie vibe to him.
For several moments longer, you looked at him, before glancing back down at his bowl of ice cream, frowning slightly.
"Okay should probably eat your ice cream before it melts."
Dark blinked slowly, having been taken
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Black Cat by bambolamalricucita Black Cat :iconbambolamalricucita:bambolamalricucita 581 83 spiderman homecoming by Fpeniche spiderman homecoming :iconfpeniche:Fpeniche 231 11 Spiderman sketches by Zinfer Spiderman sketches :iconzinfer:Zinfer 112 7 Wherever theres a hangup....Spiderman Homecoming. by Mythological-artist Wherever theres a hangup....Spiderman Homecoming. :iconmythological-artist:Mythological-artist 58 28


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Pretty with ink
This drawing is a girl the fashion inspired by someone else's drawing but mean of the tattoos are from pictures I downloaded on my tablet!
Blue Hair, Short Hair
This is a character I made I don't know what to name her but I love this drawing!
After party trobles
Greeting! I know its not the best but at least I'm getting art out so. Hopefully you all will like it!
Falling ft. Markiplier
Hey! So this is a picture of a Markiplier my friend wanted me to make it Markiplier so I did. I know it. May not look like him but I try!
I don't know if I should color it or not so .


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